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Absolute Beginners - Bass Guitar [UK Import]

This easy-to-follow Bass DVD tutor will take you step by step from first day exercises to playing along with a professional backing track! Clear pictures and demonstrations along with jargon free commentary to guide you through.

Bass Extremes Live [UK Import]

In Bass Extremes, Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten demonstrate how the bass guitar can supply bass lines, piano and guitar-style comping figures, lead solos, and percussion parts, in styles ranging from bebop to new age to heavy metal. Each piece highlights different aspects of their amazing techniques--like Steve's 3-finger technique or his awe-inspiring command of harmonics and chord voicings, or Victor's incredible funk grooves, thumb and 2-handed tapping techniques.

Chris McCarvill - Learn Rock Bass - Beginner [UK Import]

Beginning with the basics, the program starts you at the roots of rock and quickly has you playing essential techniques such as scales, octaves, alternating and muting and more! Learn key components of the blues, timing and how to hold the beat with ease. Complete will full drum and guitar backing tracks for you to feel the excitement and energy of playing with yuor own band.

einmaleins Bass-Gitarre

Bisher haben über eine Million Menschen mit der eMedia-Technologie gelernt, Musik zu machen. Dank DVD steht Ihnen die preisgekrönte eMedia-Unterrichtsmethode nun auch für Ihr heimisches TV-Gerät zur Verfügung. In 34 einfach zu verfolgenden Übungseinheiten finden Sie den Einstieg in das Bassspiel.

Essential Rock Grooves for Bass

Learn how to lock into an airtight groove with Berklee professor and versatile bassman Danny Morris. In this Master Class, Morris teaches techniques to help you anchor your band with a foundation of solid bass lines, chord progressions and rhythmic and harmonic variations. Working with and without a drum machine, Morris breaks down the secrets of syncopation, rhythmic displacement, left-hand muting and more. His practical lessons will help you build your bass vocabulary, play with more variety and character, and keep your grooves in the pocket. 32 minutes.

How to learn the Rockabilly Slap Bass

Endlich eine DVD für Rockabilly-Bass auf Deutsch! Erarbeitet wurde sie von Didi Beck, dem Bassisten von Boppin' B. - Die Band tourte gemeinsam mit dem Rockabilly-Programm 'Dick Brave' von Sasha und absolvierte ca. 200 Konzerte pro Jahr, unter anderem auch in den USA.