Essential Rock Grooves for Bass

Berklee Workshop Series

Essential Rock Grooves for Bass

Learn how to lock into an airtight groove with Berklee professor and versatile bassman Danny Morris. In this Master Class, Morris teaches techniques to help you anchor your band with a foundation of solid bass lines, chord progressions and rhythmic and harmonic variations. Working with and without a drum machine, Morris breaks down the secrets of syncopation, rhythmic displacement, left-hand muting and more. His practical lessons will help you build your bass vocabulary, play with more variety and character, and keep your grooves in the pocket. 32 minutes.

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Verlag Hal Leonard
Autor Danny Morris
Serie Instructional/Bass/DVD
ASIN 0876390378
ISBN 0876390378
EAN 9780876390375
Publiziert 1. April 2003
Sprache Englisch


Englisch Groove Lehrbuch Lehrvideo Rock


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