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The Original Braided Cables.

Sound Sculpture

Switching systems for working with multiple amps and effects, with gain controls and continous controller capability.

DARE Strap

Dare(TM) Strap - ergonomic guitar strap, multi-use multi-shoulder, dual shoulder strap, bass guitar strap, lead guitar strap, postal products, postal uniforms, postal service bag strap, carpenter belt support

MIDIculous Learning Software

Transcribe MIDI and Slow Down Music in order to Learn songs from audio and MIDI. Learn Songs by Ear - Loop and Slow down music, audio, and MIDI

Reed Kotler Systems

Software and hardware for slowing down recorded audio while preserving the pitch.

Rack Release

A quick release fastener for use with rack gear to easily remove components without any tools.

ProCo Sound

Manufactures a variety of cables.

Pickboy Picks

Actually the distributor's web site.

Peterson Tuners

Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. - The leading manufacturer of real strobe tuning equipment for professional musicians, technicians, manufacturers, and educators since 1948.



Pedal power supplies, true bypass switch boxes, and battery simulators.


Neutrik® ist der führende Hersteller von professionellen Steckersystemen für die Entertainment Industrie wie Audio, Video, LWL und Industrie Steck- verbindungen. Ihr Audio-Sortiment umfasst XLR-Stecker, Klinkenstecker, Klinkenbuchsen, Lautsprecherstecker, Patch Panels und Lichtwellenleiter-Verbindungssysteme.

Monster Products

Monster - maker of Monster Cable, Home Theater Flat-screen mounts and HDMI cables, Monster Power, Audiophile Headphones, Apple, Android and Windows OS mobile connectivity, Car Audio, Musician's Pro Sound and more!

Mel Bay Publications, Inc.

Instructional books.

Marshall Electronics/Mogami

Marshall Electronics is a leading manufacturer of LCD rack mount and camera-top monitors for broadcast, multimedia, video, film, and news professionals worldwide. We offer a large assortment of technology including 3D, audio monitors, outdoor field monitors, In-Monitor Display (IMD), Quad Viewers, stand-alone field / post monitors, and more.

MannMade USA

MannMade USA designs, manufacturers and sells the world's finest guitar and bass components. Each part is designed with the goal of producing the ultimate in tone, playability, and functionality, while enhancing the look and feel of your instrument. Used by many of the world's foremost guitar builders and musicians alike!

A Basses

Kundenspezifische und limitierte Bässe.

Acme Sound

Acme Sound was founded in 1992 for the purpose of offering the best bass guitar speakers that money can buy. Our range of speakers, designed for bass guitar but increasingly gaining acceptance with keyboard players and PA owners, have redefined the meaning of bass for many users.

Aguilar Amplification

DB 680 Bass Vorverstärker.


Feine handgemachte Bässe und Gitarren, aber auch Bass-Vorverstärker und Pickups.