Treavis Bean Unofficial Guitar Resource

Treavis Bean Unofficial Guitar Resource

Welcome to the Unoffical Travis Bean Guitar Resource Site. This site has absolutely no ties with the Travis Bean Guitar Manufacturer, except for being a fan of the guitar itself. The purpose of this site is to provide a platform for people interested in the various Travis Bean guitars/basses.This site will provide a "starting" point for people just learning about the Travis Bean guitar/bass as well as a usefull resource for the "bean" veteran.There is so much information related to Beans on the web, but is often scattered and updated infrequently. I wanted to gather some of this information as a base, but let you, the fan, provide the bulk of the content. If any of you have usefull repair tips and modifications submit them. Also, the database is designed to catalog all the beans out there. If you own a bean... submit that information, including all the specs. I am always looking for any historic information as well.


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