"NEW" LEFTHAND Fritz Roessel Limited Edition Master Piece

"NEW" LEFTHAND Fritz Roessel Limited Edition Master Piece - Price Reduction!

My focus in life has changed and therefore I reduce my collection of Lefthand basses. This bass has NEVER BEEN PLAYED! It's de facto new, like "out of the factory" and was a collector's item only.

This bass is pure wood! No knobs, controllers or others will disturb the unique master piece. The complete Bass is made out of Zebrano. The bass was made by Fritz Roessel (2010 / No. 11/13). The pickups where custom made for this bass by Harry Häusel. All wood pieces are oiled.
If you want to have a Volume and a Tone Poti (one or both of them) they will be installed free of charge!

Standard long scale, Bolt-On - One-piece Zebrano neck, width at nut 42mm, width at 12 fret 55mm - No separate fretboard, neck and fretboard are one piece, 24 frets, saddle made of Horn, Frets of Brass, small dots of brass at side - One-piece body of Zebrano with shaping's - Cover for the "electronic" case made of stainless steel - totally passive, no controller, no knobs, - Frame jack - Pickup was specially made by Harry Häusel Pickup built into a Zebrano Cover - Bridge, Mechanics, Security locks in dull gold - All wood parts are oiled - incl. Special Hardcase

Just 2800 incl. high quality Canto GigBag (Original Price was 4390 Euro + GigBag ~100 Euro)

If you have any further questions please contact me at roland.pruefer@pruefer-online.de.

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