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A Portrait of Jaco

Explore the technical brilliance and musical genius of the greatest electric bassist the world has ever known. This book features highly detailed analysis of 12 of Jaco's epic bass solos from the songs: Amerika, Bright Size Life, Chromatic Fantasy, Continuum, Days of Wine and Roses, Donna Lee, Havona, Port of Entry, Portrait of Tracy, Punk Jazz, Slang, (Used to Be A) Cha Cha.

Improve Your Groove

Mit Improve Your Groove von Patrick Pfeiffer lernst Du die Anatomie des Bass-Grooves von Grund auf. Du zerlegst dabei jeden einzelnen Groove und analysierst, was ihn so groovy macht. Dabei fängst Du bei einfachen Rhythmen an und arbeitest Dich immer weiter, während Du gleichzeitig Deine Spielfertigkeit und Musikalität schulst. So kannst Du in kurzer Zeit viele Übungen und Tonnen von Groove-Ideen lernen.

Fretless Bass

Grammy nominee and fretless bass pioneer Bunny Brunel teams up with bestselling author and session bass player Josquin des Prés to offer the first book/CD tutorial dedicated solely to the development of skills on the fretless bass. Covers: fingering and intonation exercises; vibrato, slides, double stops, sliding harmonics and other techniques; pop, funk, Latin and fusion styles; and much more – including two complete solos! The book features standard notation and tab, and the accompanying CD includes 71 helpful demonstration tracks.

Extreme Metal Bass

Im Lehrbuch Extreme Metal Bass führt Alex Webster verschiedene Skalen ein, die man im Metal gebrauchen kann, nützlich und praxisnah. Danach kommen Übungen für die rechte und die linke Hand. Allesamt Praxisorientiert, von leicht bis schwer. Am besten fängt man ganz am Anfang an und arbeitet sich bis zum Ende der Übungen durch, auch wenn man meint, es zu beherrschen. Es hilft!

Rock Bass: 1 (Bass Builders)

Learn essential rock grooves and bass lines in the style of Paul McCartney, John Entwistle, John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee, Sting, Billy Sheehan, Flea and many other bass greats from the 1950s through the 90s. In this historical overview of bass playing, Jon covers shuffle, straight eighth, the “bounce” feel, the Motown sound, funk, hard rock, heavy metal, techno pop, alternative, grunge and much more.

Funk Bass

Critically acclaimed as the best single source for the techniques used to play funk and slap-style bass! Includes a foreword by John Patitucci and is endorsed by Rich Appleman of the Berklee College Of Music, Will Lee, Mark Egan, Stuart Hamm and many others! Features several photos and a special section on equipment and effects. A book for everyone - from beginners to advanced players! Includes a 58-minute audio accompaniment.

J.S. Bach for Electric Bass

An innovative collection of J.S. Bach pieces arranged for electric bass, complete with historical analysis, instruction and playing suggestions. Includes: Two-Part Invention #4 in D Minor, Two-Part Invention #1 in C Major, Sinfonia from Partita 2 in C Major for Solo Harpsichord and five more selections.