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The Bassist's Link to Sight Reading

The Bassist's Link to Sight Reading is for bassists who want a solid start toward reading music. It provides an easy step by step method for the beginner reader, without assuming you re a beginner player. This book and CD contain original compositions of various styles.

Teach Yourself Bass Guitar

Your all-in-one package for learning to play the bass guitar. Guidebook gets you playing right away and allows you to practise along with accompanying audio tracks. The DVD features an expert teacher and more.

Bass Slappin' & Poppin'

Learn the techniques that every truly great bass player needs to know! From basic slapping and popping to machine-gun riffing, this programme has something for bass players at every level. The one-on-one lessons with bassist/instructor Chris McCarvill show you how to apply the techniques popularised by Marcus Miller, Larry Graham and Louis Johnson.

Metal Bass Styles

An exciting new series of 12 instrumental instruction books. Includes complete music for all riffs, licks, hints and tips, plus easy-to-follow instructions, tips and advice. Accompanying CD allows you to listen and play along to the matching audio tracks. Play authentic HM bass lines with this fantastic book and CD pack. Learn to play five great songs in different styles, discovering how bands such as Guns N' Roses, AC/DC and Metallica make their great sounds.

The Best of Bass - Jam Trax

Full band back-up to 12 extended jams in authentic blues, rhythm & blues and rock styles. Includes tips on scales and riffs to use with each track.

The Complete Bass Player - Book 2

Part two of this comprehensive book and CD course. Packed with hints and tips, this course has everything you need to know about playing bass, including riffs and rhythms, 12-bar blues, rock riffs and syncopation.