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Beginning Jazz Bass

Ideal for any bassist looking to explore new styles, this one-on-lesson includes loads of exercises, diagrams, patterns, styles, and real-life applications to study and practice. The 43-track accompanying CD lets you play along with recorded examples to further fine-tune your jazz chops!

Soloing for Bass

A topic not often broached for bass guitar, improvising a solo can be a scary and mysterious situation for many bass players. Have no fear! This excellent book/CD pack delivers all you need to become a master soloist, no matter what style of music you play.

Chords for Bass

Mit Chords for Bass von Dominik Hauser erforschst Du auf Deinem Bass neuartige Sounds, wie Du sie Dir nie vorstellen konntest. Mit dem Akkordspiel auf dem Bass verbesserst Du Deine Fähigkeiten in Komposition und Arranging, stärkst Deine Solier-Tricks und Dein musikalisches Handwerk.