The R&B Bass Masters

The Way They Play

The R&B Bass Masters

The R&B Masters: The Way They Play explores the lives and works of the bassists whose tracks propelled R&B’s greatest period. The book includes lessons in the styles Motown genius James Jamerson, Memphis master Duck Dunn, New York ace Chuck Rainey, Muscle Shoals stalwart David Hood, and many others. The chapters detail each bassist’s career, gear, and unique approach to the groove, and the CD provides audio tracks for all of the book’s written examples.

Bassist and educator Ed Friedland has become known as one of the world's foremost authors of bass instructional materials. As a columnist and Contributing Editor for Bass Player Magazine, Ed has written scores of articles that have helped bassists achieve their goals and develop the skills needed to be well rounded musicians.

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Verlag Backbeat Books
Autor Ed Friedland
ASIN 0879308699
ISBN 0879308699
EAN 9780879308698
Publiziert 9. November 2005
Sprache Deutsch


Deutsch Ed Friedland Lehrbuch Motown


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