The Bassist's Link to Sight Reading

#1 Guide to Understanding Studio Charts

The Bassist's Link to Sight Reading

The Bassist's Link to Sight Reading is for bassists who want a solid start toward reading music. It provides an easy step by step method for the beginner reader, without assuming you re a beginner player. This book and CD contain original compositions of various styles. Its unique approach begins in the second position, which is more centered on the staff, and works outward from there. The ability to read charts can lead to better paying gigs and studio sessions. It can also greatly enhance productivity at rehearsals. Ever think of a cool bass riff or melody line, and when you come back to it, it just doesn t sound the same? If you have a way to jot down your ideas, you ll be able to remember them exactly! Learning to read music can only strengthen you as a musician. has made it easier than ever before.


  • Easy Step-By-Step Method for Bassists of Any Level
  • Learn Standard Bass Notation
  • Unterstand Chord Charts and Leadsheets
  • Commonly Used Chart Symbols
  • CD Includes Accompaniments with Original Compositions in a Variety of Styles


For Bassist Who Desire To Read Music And Follow Charts.

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Verlag Music Sales
Autor Jennings Jerry, Kleven Erik
ASIN 0970003811
ISBN 0970003811
EAN 9780970003812
Publiziert 1. März 2002
Sprache Englisch


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