The Bass Player Book

Equipment, Technique, Styles and Artists

The Bass Player Book

This is the right-hand man for players who live and breathe bass, or for beginners who want an all-in-one guide to the instrument that “shakes the low end” of rock, pop, jazz and more. This handbook details the ins and outs of buying basses and equipment; provides set-up and electronics tips; and explores unique characteristics of landmark bass models. Chapters on technique cover bass basics, theory, fretless playing, acoustic bass, the essentials of various music styles, recording, gigging, and more. Seminal interviews with great bassists include Jeff Berlin, Stanley Clarke, John Pattitucci, Bill Wyman, and many others. 44 pages, 8 3/8″ x 10 7/8″

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Verlag Backbeat Books
Autor Richard Johnston
ASIN 0879305738
ISBN 0879305738
EAN 9780879305734
Publiziert 2. August 2000
Sprache Englisch


Englisch Lehrbuch Stile Technik Wissen


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