Pentatonic Scales for Bass

Fingerings, Exercises and Proper Usage of the Essential Five-Note Scales

Pentatonic Scales for Bass

The pentatonic is one of the most widely used scales in music. This book teaches fingerings for these essential five-note scales all over the neck, and how to use them to create solid, functional bass lines. The CD contains 56 tracks and features full-band demonstration examples. Covers: major and minor pentatonic scales; one- and two-octave scale patterns; pentatonic modes and their applications; soloing with pentatonic scales; and much more!

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Verlag Hal Leonard
Autor Ed Friedland
Serie Bass Builders
ASIN 1423477960
ISBN 1423477960
EAN 9781423477969
Publiziert 1. April 2010
Sprache Englisch


Ed Friedland Englisch Hal Leonard Lehrbuch Skalen


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