Metal Bass Styles

Bass Grooves & Patterns you can learn today!

Metal Bass Styles

An exciting new series of 12 instrumental instruction books. Includes complete music for all riffs, licks, hints and tips, plus easy-to-follow instructions, tips and advice. Accompanying CD allows you to listen and play along to the matching audio tracks. Play authentic HM bass lines with this fantastic book and CD pack. Learn to play five great songs in different styles, discovering how bands such as Guns N' Roses, AC/DC and Metallica make their great sounds.

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Verlag Music Sales
Autor Mulford Phil
ASIN 0711945047
ISBN 0711945047
EAN 9780711945043
Publiziert 1. März 1997
Sprache Englisch


Englisch Groove Lehrbuch Metal Patterns


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