Intergalactic Bass

Scales, Arpeggios, Fingerings, Theory & Much More!

Intergalactic Bass

This book is based on the scale types that are necessary to master and understand the chord/scale relationships found in many styles of music. By keeping things simple and uncluttered, each page consists of only one scale type, illustrated on a bass guitar neck with the correct fingering – a vital part of organizing the hands. The more organized the hands, the easier it is to play. The arpeggio shape is super-imposed over the corresponding scale in order to create an understanding of the chord/scale relationship. This is better explained with diagrams and not notation. However, because it is a good idea to associate finger positions with their notational equivalents, notation is also included. A simple but comprehensive jazz theory section is also included. This will help the student gain a deeper understanding of harmony and further insight into how to apply the scales found in this book.

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Verlag Hal Leonard
Autor Carlo Mombelli
ASIN 1476868891
ISBN 1476868891
EAN 9781476868899
Publiziert 8. Januar 2013
Sprache Englisch


Arpeggio Englisch Fingerübung Hal Leonard Lehrbuch Theorie Tonleiter


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