Dethklok: Bass Anthology

Dethklok: Bass Anthology

With songs selected by live Dethklok bassist Bryan Beller, this long-awaited collection features the best songs for bass from The Dethalbum and Dethalbum II. Bonus features include "The Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle," live-performance transcriptions of "Deththeme," "Thunderhorse," "Murmaider," and "Black Fire Upon Us," and an introduction by Brendon Small and Bryan Beller about the demands of playing Dethklok live vs. in the studio. Titles: Birthday Dethday, Black Fire Upon Us, Bloodlines, Bloodrocuted, Briefcase Full of Guts, Burn the Earth, Dethsupport, Deththeme, Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle, The Gears, Go Forth and Die, Hatredcopter, Laser Cannon Deth Sentence, Murmaider, Thunderhorse.


  • Burn the Earth
  • Dethsupport
  • The Gears
  • Go Forth and Die
  • Hatredcopter
  • Thunderhorse
  • Bloodlines
  • Deththeme
  • Bloodtrocuted
  • Murmaider
  • Birthday Dethday
  • Briefcase Full of Guts
  • Laser Cannon Deth Sentence
  • Black Fire upon Us
  • Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle

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ISBN 0739076094
EAN 9780739076095
Publiziert 1. Januar 2011
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