Creative Bass Technique Exercises

70 Melodic Exercises to Develop Great Feel & Technique on Bass Guitar

Creative Bass Technique Exercises 9781789330564 · 1789330564

No More Boring Bass Exercises! Session ace Dan Hawkins has recorded hundreds of sessions and knows what it takes to achieve flawless technique that stands up to the scrutiny of the studio. In Creative Bass Technique Exercises he offers a set of technique-building workouts that will solve all common technical problems.

Keep Your Bass Playing Fresh

  • Do you find most technical drills mindless and boring?
  • Would you like to perfect your technique with musical ideas you’ll actually want to use?
  • Do you want a sure-fire method for playing in the pocket, every time?
  • Would you like a musical way to nail time and feel across a range of genres?

If you’re struggling with any of the above, then Creative Bass Technique Exercises is for you.

  • Master fundamental electric bass technique skills
  • Build left- and right-hand independence
  • Instantly improve your feel
  • Count and master complex rhythms
  • Groove in a range of styles with chapters on Pop, Blues/RnB, Funk, Rock, Jazz.

Bonus: Learn to play over drone exercises to improve your ears and build musical independence.

Discover fully-formed musical grooves, riffs and licks you can incorporate into your playing right now – each one carefully crafted to develop dexterity, timing and feel.

Build a Life Long Technical Foundation in Bass Playing

Technique is only a means to an end, but sloppy technique leads to frustration and limits what you’re able to play. Creative Bass Technique Exercises offers a dedicated approach to improving all aspects of your playing to achieve superior musicianship.

Build perfect bass technique with:

  • Fingerstyle playing
  • Coordination, speed, strength and accuracy
  • Hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Slides and rakes
  • Effortless position shifts
  • Ghost notes
  • Muting and Damping
  • Slap, tap and pick technique

Through many years of teaching experience, Dan Hawkins knows that you are more likely to work on exercises that push your technical limits if they sound like music. For this reason, every carefully conceived exercise fit right into your existing vocabulary of licks, riffs, groove and fills.

Master Bass Guitar Fundamentals

Creative Bass Technique Exercises is much more than a cold set of drills. It gets into the detail of great technique without losing sight of the music. It will help you play without pain or strain and avoid problems in the future. It also gives great insights into effective practice methods.

Hear it!

Download free studio quality audio of every example to hear how each lick, fill and groove should sound. You’ll also get backing tracks to practise and jam to.

Buy it now… Perfect your bass technique today, so that you can forget about it and make great music!

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Autor Dan Hawkins, Joseph Alexander
ASIN 1789330564
ISBN 1789330564
EAN 9781789330564
Publiziert 21. Februar 2019
Sprache Englisch
Tagged: Lehrbuch, Englisch, Basstechnik
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