Bass Slappin' & Poppin'

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Bass Slappin' & Poppin'

Learn the techniques that every truly great bass player needs to know! From basic slapping and popping to machine-gun riffing, this programme has something for bass players at every level. The one-on-one lessons with bassist/instructor Chris McCarvill show you how to apply the techniques popularised by Marcus Miller, Larry Graham and Louis Johnson.

You’ll learn the four elements of Slap and Pop as well as advanced techniques like octaves, fifths, muting, double slapping, sliding, the snap, bending notes and using effects. By the end of this programme you’ll be the funkiest bass player around!


E-Bass, Tabulatur (Book & DVD)

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Verlag Music Sales
Autor Chris McCarvill
ASIN 0825629934
ISBN 0825629934
EAN 9780825629938
Publiziert 25. Januar 2006
Sprache Englisch


Englisch Lehrbuch Slaptechnik


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