Lehrbücher mit DVDs

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Metallica 1983-1988 [UK Import]

Learn the trademark bass lines behind one of the most influential metal bands of all time. Each bass line is played up to speed, then broken down note by note, then played at a slow tempo. An in-depth analysis of eight songs: Battery, Blackened, Damage, Inc. , Fade to Black, Leper Messiah, Master of Puppets, Seek & Destroy, Welcome Home (Sanitarium).

Michael Manring Bass Guitar [UK Import]

Manring describes the techniques used on his Thonk CD, and demonstrates his approach to performing music in this DVD. Also covers: altered tunings, slap technique with a fretless bass, use of the EBow, changing tunings, and more. The accompanying booklet comes complete with easy-to-follow notation and diagrams which correspond exactly to this DVD. This DVD presents an insightful look at Manring's style and technique.

Nathan East - The Business Of Bass [UK Import]

Nathan East takes you into the studio and behind the scenes to learn and see first-hand what it takes to be a professional musician. East has collaborated and toured with some of the most famous stars in the industry, including Clapton, Phil Collins, Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, Babyface, Billy Preston and David Foster.

Nur Für Anfänger - Bassgitarre DVD

Die DVD-Version des Lehrbuches Nur für Anfänger Bassgitarre - gleiches Konzept, gleicher Inhalt, nur diesesmal als Lehr-DVD für Bass. Mit den ersten Stücken zum Mitspielen (Play-Along-Tracks). Dazu gibt es ein 32-seitiges Booklet.

Slap Bass - The Ultimate Guide

This DVD is the ultimate source for learning the secrets of funk bass, in a player-friendly menu format. Covers: instruction on slapping, popping, left-hand integration, dead notes, and more dangerous techniques; a dedicated groove for each new technique; grooving with a drum machine; funk history – the hallowed grooves of the Funk Triumvirate; slow demos, tips on sound, and creating your own grooves; and much more! Includes a booklet with notation and tab for all examples.

Steve Bailey's Fretless Bass

Bassistenlegende Steve Bailey, der bereits mit allen Größen wie Dizzy Gillespie, Kitaro, Victor Wooten und Metallica gespielthat, präsentiert seine einzigartige Fretless-Methode. Das Buch/DVD-Paket Steve Bailey's Fretless Bass wird dir den Weg vom Bund bestückten zum bundlosen Bass ebnen. Studio- und Live-Einspielungen behandeln Themen wie Intonation, Sliding und Fretless-Effekte.

The Best Of Lennon And McCartney For Bass Guitar [UK Import]

Learn the trademark bass lines behind rock's most influential songwriting duo. An in-depth analysis of eight songs.

Victor Wooten - Groove Workshop: Lehr-DVD für Bass

In this nearly five-hour, 2-disc set, legendary bassist Victor Wooten redefines the essential elements of music and demonstrates how to apply them in fresh, creative, musically relevant ways. Languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese