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Chris McCarvill - Learn Rock Bass - Beginner [UK Import]

Beginning with the basics, the program starts you at the roots of rock and quickly has you playing essential techniques such as scales, octaves, alternating and muting and more! Learn key components of the blues, timing and how to hold the beat with ease. Complete will full drum and guitar backing tracks for you to feel the excitement and energy of playing with yuor own band.

Victor Wooten - Groove Workshop: Lehr-DVD für Bass

In this nearly five-hour, 2-disc set, legendary bassist Victor Wooten redefines the essential elements of music and demonstrates how to apply them in fresh, creative, musically relevant ways. Languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese

Wooten, Victor: Super Bass Solo Technique (DVD)

In this DVD, Victor breaks down each of the techniques he employs to create his incredible style. Victor covers slapping, tapping, grooving and improvising in detail. Segments include live performances with a band; interviews dealing with technique, influences, and motivation; and a segment on equipment. Special Features include: Candid video footage from Victor s archives Victor and Steve Bailey jamming A preview from the Jaco Pastorius Modern Electric Bass DVD.

einmaleins Bass-Gitarre

Bisher haben über eine Million Menschen mit der eMedia-Technologie gelernt, Musik zu machen. Dank DVD steht Ihnen die preisgekrönte eMedia-Unterrichtsmethode nun auch für Ihr heimisches TV-Gerät zur Verfügung. In 34 einfach zu verfolgenden Übungseinheiten finden Sie den Einstieg in das Bassspiel.