Victor Wooten - Groove Workshop: Lehr-DVD für Bass

Victor Wooten - Groove Workshop: Lehr-DVD für Bass

In this nearly five-hour, 2-disc set, legendary bassist Victor Wooten redefines the essential elements of music and demonstrates how to apply them in fresh, creative, musically relevant ways. Chapters and content include: notes, grooving, articulation/duration, dynamics, rhythm/tempo, tone, phrasing, space/rest, listening, and more. Victor's open approach will provide effective improvement to any player's musical skills and, as the students on the DVD show, many of the most important lessons can be learned amazingly quickly. Also featured in Groove Workshop are several solo performances by Victor, as well as duets with bassist and educator Anthony Wellington. Languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese

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Verlag Bosworth Music
Autor Victor Wooten
ASIN 1423459849
ISBN 1423459849
EAN 9781423459842
Sprache Englisch


Englisch Groove Lehrbuch


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