Jazz Upright Bass featuring Ed Friedland

Jazz Upright Bass featuring Ed Friedland

In this information-packed DVD, bassist Ed Friedland reveals the technical and stylistic details behind professional jazz upright performance. Through live band demonstrations and detailed, step-by-step analysis, Ed shows you how to:

  • Develop stylistic left and right-hand techniques for maximum tone and sustain.
  • Arrange scale and arpeggio patterns for greater range and efficiency whether walking or soloing.
  • Deal with typical live performance challenges - performance protocol, stock intros, endings, trading fours and more.
  • Play classic stylistic variations including Latin jazz, up-tempo tunes, the "two-feel", ballads, 3/4 time and more.

Ed's practical, direct teaching style offers easy-to-understand explanations and methodical demonstrations of each topic. The accompanying booklet includes notated versions of each example for added clarity.

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