The Fender Bass

The Fender Bass

The Fender Bass, created 40 years ago by the inventive genius of Leo Fender, still remains today as the definitive electric bass. Before Fender, there was simply no electric bass at all! Leo's design was so revolutionary that it rapidly became a 'classic, ' an essential element which was responsible for defining the image of modern music. Every new bass is inspired (more or less) from his basic design. The Fender Bass tells the detailed story of the electric bass through the different models and their improvements, from their origins to the present form. Includes hundreds of black & white and color photos of the basses and their most famous players.

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Verlag Hal Leonard
Autor Klaus Blasquiz
ASIN 079350757X
ISBN 079350757X
EAN 9780793507573
Publiziert 14. Mai 2008
Sprache Englisch


Buch Englisch Fender


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