Electric Guitars and Basses

A Photographic History

Electric Guitars and Basses

The book Electric Guitars and Basses tells the story in full colour of one of the most influential forces on American culture in the 20th century - the electric guitar. From the earliest lap steels that reshaped the sound of Hawaiian music, through the Spanish-neck models that created a new voice in the jazz world and powered the early rock and rollers, and on to the solid body models that shattered conventional ideas of guitar design and guitar music, all of the classic and historically important models are displayed and discussed by guitar experts George Gruhn and Walter Carter. This new edition features an additional 16 pages of important instruments and newly discovered information.

George Gruhn established Gruhn Guitars in Nashville in 1970 and is recognised worldwide as a leading authority on vintage fretted instruments. Walter Carter is the former historian for the Nashville-based Gibson Guitar Corp. and the author of 10 books on vintage guitars and guitar companies. In addition to Electric Guitars and Basses, Gruhn and Carter have collaborated on Acoustic Guitars and Other Fretted Instruments and Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars.

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Verlag Bosworth Music
Autor George Gruhn, Walter Carter
ASIN 0879309741
ISBN 0879309741
EAN 9780879309749
Publiziert 9. Dezember 2010
Sprache Englisch


Buch E-Bässe E-Gitarren Englisch


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