Electric Guitar and Electric Bass Design

The guitar or bass of your dreams, from the first draft to the full plan

Electric Guitar and Electric Bass Design

This book is about the electric guitar or bass you are planning to build, and why. It deals with the decisions to make before you cut any wood: It is a book about inspiration, creativity, and the search for beauty. It is a book for luthiers, musicians and amateurs, about designing guitars that look great, play great, and sound fantastic. It describes how to design the guitar of your dreams (either you are a luthier or a musician) from the first draft to the complete concept - no matter if it is a classy guitar, a radical axe... or anything in the middle. An enjoyable book with a dash of fun, recommended for readers already familiar with electric guitars and basses, who look to develop a concept well beyond the conventional models that anyone can buy over the counter.

The first and only book focused on the design of electric guitars and basses. Tons of contents, information and ideas not found in other sources. It reviews subjects not found in other books about luthérie: ergonomics, beauty, playability, inspiration, originality, proportion, visual balance, decoration, body shape, pickup matching... original and thought provoking. (Guitars-design.com)

All you need to know before you even cut any wood. This book walks you from that scribble you made on the back of a napkin to the final concept of the guitar of your dreams. (Basses-design.com)

The trinity of guitar design: Beauty, Playability, and Sound... This book identifies the factors that make a guitar or bass to look amazing, play great, and sound fantastic. This book is a must for anyone not satisfied with the same old models that have been around for 60 years. (Nuax.de)

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Verlag LL Publishing
Autor Leonardo Lospennato
ASIN 3000296425
ISBN 3000296425
EAN 9783000296420
Publiziert 14. Dezember 2009
Sprache Englisch


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