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Jason Raso is a Canadian bassist, whose latest album we are presenting. Detour describes the on the go "working bassist" and teacher with a collection of very personal work; the liner-notes on the inside of the booklet testify to a very long-term creative process with many moments of madness and divergences before Detour was able to be released.

Live On Planet Bop

On Live On Planet Bop you can find several funky live tracks, which Raso recorded live with his band. It is a pleasure to hear these songs. You can feel the good mood of the band and the audience in the live club. You can also find some long solo passages from the Spector fan Raso. The cd also contains songs recorded and produced in the studio which continue and develop in the line of The Bassman Cometh.

The Bassman Cometh

Der Bassist Jason Raso zeigt mit seinem Debutalbum The Bassman Cometh in einer Ein-Mann-Show sein beachtliches Talent im Tieftonbereich und nimmt dabei Anleihen am Sound und Stil von Bootsy Collins. Das Album ist gänzlich instrumental, aber bleibt jederzeit interessant.