The Lonesome Forest

von Kisu Ukkonen

The Lonesome Forest

I'm 18 years old boy from Finland and I've been playing bass guitar for two and a half years now. I started doing my own solo record because of the lack of bands. I'm not very experienced player, but what I lack in experience, I make up in atmosphere and emotion, and those are what ambient music is all about. As my album contains no overdubs, I can play gigs within Finland. Just ask me ;)


Nr. Titel Länge
1. Sunset 01:03
2. Burn 04:32
3. Missing 02:35
4. Riverbed 02:53
5. In the Woods 04:40
6. Human 04:15
7. God 02:03
8. Lakefront 04:03
9. Rooster 04:52
10. Sunrise 01:05

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Erscheinungsdatum 1. Januar 2012


Ambient Bass-Album Solo Bass


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