steuart liebig​​/​​AKA STEUBIG_03

steuart liebig​​/​​AKA STEUBIG_03

the coral music is similar to music that i had done earlier using prepared basses, applied tools and extended techniques. as before, the prepared bits were assembled.

the tidepool music follows the same basic production flow, but utilizes synthesizer and bass parts, with solo bass parts that were done in one take and are unedited.

the asteroid music utilizes sounds made by ipad apps and bass parts, and have unedited solo parts done in one take.

the song series pieces are solo bass improvisations with no edits. they are based on songs from the standard repertoire.

thanks to fodera basses and genz-benz amplification.


Nr. Titel Länge
1. borrelly (asteroid music 01
2. imbrium (tidepool music 01
3. warning (coral music 01
4. vaporum (tidepool music 02
5. starry (song series 11
6. charity (coral music 02
7. fall (song series 12
8. nubium (tidepool music 03
9. suspicion (coral music 03
10. humorum (tidepool music 04
11. tempel (asteroid music 02

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Erscheinungsdatum 15. Februar 2012


Bass-Album Experimental Improvisation Solo Bass Steuart Liebig


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