steuart liebig​​/​​AKA STEUBIG_02

steuart liebig​​/​​AKA STEUBIG_02

the plains music is somewhat of a companion piece to the desert music that i had done earlier. using some of the same tools (prepared basses, applied tools and extended techniques) and using only pentatonic scales, i tried to evoke a feeling of being on the plains. as before, the prepared bits were assembled and then the solo parts were done in one take and are unedited.

nebula followed the same basic production flow, but utilizes basses doing chordal parts as well as melodic parts.

the song series pieces are solo bass improvisations with no edits. they are based on songs from the standard repertoire.

thanks to fodera basses. genz-benz amplication was used in the recording of this music (thanks to them).


Nr. Titel Länge
1. discovery (plains music 01) 05:14
2. never (song series 05) 07:02
3. funny (song series 06) 08:16
4. natural (plains music 02) 04:13
5. goodbye (song series 07) 08:09
6. rose (song series 08) 04:36
7. forgotten (plains music 03) 03:54
8. enchanted (song series 09) 05:10
9. sunny (song series 10) 03:44
10. nebula 03:52

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Erscheinungsdatum 14. Juli 2011


Bass-Album Experimental Improvisation Solo Bass Steuart Liebig


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