steuart liebig​/​AKA STEUBIG_01

steuart liebig​/​AKA STEUBIG_01

the desert music pieces were spurred in part by an e-mail interchange with michael manring about middle eastern inflections—something to which we both seem drawn. i had done a few small recordings and sent him one. he encouraged me to do it live. while i don’t want to do that, i did end up doing five pieces. all the sounds in these pieces were made with bass guitar—often putting things in the strings and/or using alternate techniques to strike the strings. they were then assembled. the solo parts were done in one take and are unedited.

the song series pieces are solo bass improvisations with no edits. they are based—fantasias of a sort, if you will—on songs from the standard repertoire.


Nr. Titel Länge
01. boundary stone (desert music 01
02. aqua (song series 01
03. one-way journey (desert music 02
04. coming (song series 02
05. inner compulsion (desert music 03
06. nowhere (song series 03
07. unworldly (desert music 04
08. smile (song series 04
09. beautiful view (desert music 05

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Erscheinungsdatum 21. Mai 2011


Bass-Album Experimental Improvisation Solo Bass Steuart Liebig


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