Primal Sophistication

von Kenny Weydener

Primal Sophistication

Primal Sophistication,the second release from Kenny Weydener displays obvious growth both artistically and sonically. Although again pushing and stretching the limits of electric bass, Kenny Weydener continues to allow the composition to speak for itself. With well thought out and sometimes surprisingly clever arrangements, Kenny saves the solos for what they were meant to be. Musical orgasms that are led up to with an underlying sense of restraint before unloading full ferociousness. In short,the title Primal Sophistication is the perfect description because this is the way instrumental rock is supposed to sound. Groovy melodic assertive sensitive thoughtful organic TESTOSTERONE INDUCED MAYHEM FOR SMART PEOPLE.

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Nr. Titel Länge
1. Liberty 0:56
2. Crusher 2:59
3. Divine Essence 3:45
4. The Messenger 3:37
5. Sonata in C 0:44
6. Strolling 3:27
7. Stalker 3:09
8. Dawn 2:38
9. Anthem 1:26

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Erscheinungsdatum 17. Juni 2008
Label Kenny Weydener
Copyright (c) 2008 Kenny Weydener
Gesamtlänge 22:41
Genres Solo Bass, Rock, Experimental


Bass-Album Experimental Kenny Weydener Rock Solo Bass


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