Live On Planet Bop

von Jason Raso

Live On Planet Bop

On Live On Planet Bop you can find several funky live tracks, which Raso recorded live with his band. It is a pleasure to hear these songs. You can feel the good mood of the band and the audience in the live club. You can also find some long solo passages from the Spector fan Raso. The cd also contains songs recorded and produced in the studio which continue and develop in the line of The Bassman Cometh.

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Nr. Titel Länge
1. Slinky 3:42
2. Ed's Latin Jam 4:22
3. James Brown 4:26
4. A Sensitive Jazz Moment 1:18
5. The Self Indulgent Bass Player 3:27
6. Let's Go 4 It 3:58
7. Rocket Boy 5:04
8. My Funk, My Jazz 3:16
9. Thrust 7:14
10. Funk 4 Saturday 2:12
11. Just Blues 4:24

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Erscheinungsdatum 24. November 2006
Label Bizzy Bass
Copyright (c) 2002 Bizzy Bass
Gesamtlänge 43:22
Genres Jazz, R&B, Soul


Bass-Album Funk Jason Raso R&B


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