In The Pocket

von Larry Rhymes

In The Pocket

Using the bass guitar as the lead melodic instrument, the album consists of a crossover of styles that will appeal to R&B, Funk, and Urban Smooth Jazz fans. Many of the songs feature the combined jazzy rock of the lead guitarist with the unique bass melodies. Keyboards and vocals add creative layers to all the songs. Some of the song styles represented in the album are Funk and Smooth Jazz, Blues, and Reggae originals; R&B ( a version of Sly's "If You Want Me To Stay")and Pop (a version of "I Can't Tell You Why" by the Eagles). Some of the bassist musical creations were influenced by the music of Marcus Miller and Wayman Tisdale.

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Nr. Titel Länge
1. Cruising with Larry 3:52
2. Forever Yours 4:11
3. If You Want Me To Stay 4:55
4. Get Your Groove On 3:25
5. The Love Is Gone 3:50
6. Taste of Blues 4:15
7. I Can't Tell You Why 5:19
8. Fantasy 4:03
9. In the Mood 4:04
10. If You Give Me Half A Chance 3:50
11. You Make Me Feel Good 3:16
12. Under the Sun 4:35
13. Larry's Groove 3:39
14. Thinking About You 3:14
15. Just Like In the Movies 4:08

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ASIN B003KM2706
Erscheinungsdatum 4. März 2010
Label Larry Rhymes
Copyright (c) 2010 Larry Rhymes
Gesamtlänge 1:00:36
Genres Smooth Jazz


Bass-Album Larry Rhymes Smooth Jazz


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