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Words are inadequate to describe the communication between a band and the audience. When a band soaks up the energy of an audience, and the audience grooves on what they hear, the result is magic. On their debut live album, The Jason Raso Trio is busy gettin’ to the makin’ of magic. The trio, absorbing a number of musical influences from jazz masters, to funk trailblazers, to rock gods, has emerged with a sophisticated, funky style. These three individuals Jason Raso, Rob Hannam and Enio DiReto, have banded together, to further a common end, which is ear ecstasy in a perfect groove.

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Nr. Titel Länge
1. Groovespeak (Improv) 6:45
2. Michelino 5:41
3. Slingshot 3:21
4. My Mind Wanders 5:12
5. Manhattan (Improv) 5:54
6. Shades of Solo River 5:29
7. All That Democracy Jazz 4:46
8. I Wanna Play for You 6:48

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Erscheinungsdatum 27. März 2008
Label Moped Records
Copyright (c) 2007 Moped Records
Gesamtlänge 43:56
Genres Jazz


Bass-Album Funk Jason Raso Jazz Soul


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