von Darren Michaels


Green, the debut effort by bassist Darren Michaels, offers listeners a melodic experience regardless of musical background (or lack thereof). His bass stylings are occasionally accompanied by an ensemble, but Green also offers several entirely solo bass pieces. Darren makes his solo compositions sound like multiple basses in tracks layered on top of each other, but they are actually played with just one bass and all at one time. He also uses loops in an innovative way to elevate the bass from a background-only status to that of a grand compositional tool. It's unlike any other looping. The album was recorded live with few overdubs and retains its live feel throughout. The entire album is unlike any other bass album. With its hooks, harmonies, and beautiful melodies, this album is an enjoyable listen that's sure to be revisited again and again.

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Nr. Titel Länge
1. Cellophane Wings 5:13
2. The Know 5:58
3. Mare Nubium 1:05
4. Green 3:40
5. Mare Nectaris 0:30
6. Third Circle 5:11
7. Mare Humorus 0:30
8. To That Effect 5:34
9. Tuesday 4:14
10. Mare Crisium 0:30
11. El Yunque 2:37
12. Sea of Imbrium 3:31
13. Mare Vaporum 1:27
14. Looking for Lydia 2:56
15. Mare Serenitatis 0:35
16. Fade 8:02

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Erscheinungsdatum 4. Dezember 2006
Label East Hall Records
Copyright (c) 2003 East Hall Records
Gesamtlänge 51:33
Genres Rock, Instrumental Rock, Pop


Bass-Album Darren Michaels Solo Bass


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