Grace and Gratitude

von Steve Lawson

Grace and Gratitude

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Nr. Titel Länge
1. Grace and Gratitude 4:42
2. The Journey of a Thousand Miles 10:27
3. The Kindness of Strangers 9:56
4. Despite My Worst Intentions 5:22
5. The Space Between the Silence 10:39
6. Shizzle 5:27
7. There but for the Grace of God 3:53
8. You Can't Throw It Away (There's No Such Thing As Away) 14:22
9. What Did I Do to Deserve This? 6:18
10. Smoke From Burning Steam 4:14

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Erscheinungsdatum 14. Dezember 2007
Label Pillow Mountain Records
Copyright (c) 2004 Pillow Mountain Records
Genres Dance & Electronic, New Age & Meditation


Bass-Album Solo Bass Steve Lawson


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