von Marco Rodi


This record has 11 tracks of solo bass playing. All songs are a one-shot recording with no overdubs. I did the music, artwork, recording, mixing and printing by myself.

I had a challenge, it was to make a record only with my bass guitar. Each songs of this record reflects a part of the story of the amazing EDOUNARDO.

What the hell is Edounardo?

Edounardo is a character I invented. He is a guy who lives with his family in a small village. He is incredibly different from everybody. The majority of the people in his village are all serious workers, routine people, money lovers, in other words, they are normal people. But Edounardo is different, he is a little freak. No one understands him. He hates working, he prefer sleeping, drawing on the sand, looking at the sky for hours and he loves building some little wooden statues. Everybody is laughing at him, because of his weird interests, because of his no-life status and because of his weird looking apparence. Sick of all of this, he decides to quit his village to explore a new world, to try to find some people who understands him, people who respect him no matter what.

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Nr. Titel Länge
1. Preparation 1:48
2. Energetic Soustraction 5:06
3. Trees and Sleep 5:58
4. Old Bluesy 3:36
5. The Boat 7:05
6. X-Ray-Melody 3:24
7. Mini Tornado 3:41
8. Windane 4:14
9. Preparation Jamilo 1:46
10. The Cruisade Feast 5:25
11. Abortion 7:15

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Erscheinungsdatum 13. Dezember 2007
Label Marco Rodi
Copyright (c) 2006 Marco Rodi
Gesamtlänge 49:18
Genres Rock, New Age, Meditation


Bass-Album Marco Rodi Solo Bass


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