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Jason Raso is a Canadian bassist, whose latest album we are presenting. Detour describes the on the go "working bassist" and teacher with a collection of very personal work; the liner-notes on the inside of the booklet testify to a very long-term creative process with many moments of madness and divergences before Detour was able to be released. Out of it comes a predominately instrumental release featuring jazz-fusion tracks like "Mo' Minor Blues". Even a subtle big band influence can be found on "Bonnie and Stella". Furthermore, it is the great bass pieces like "Wednesday Afternoon" that make this album very much worth listening to. Raso incorporates Modulus, Spector and Azola basses. The playing is strong throughout Detour and offers diverse bass playing techniques. --Lars Lehmann, Bass Professor Magazine - Germany (2005)

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Nr. Titel Länge
1. The Bass Tones of Thrashing Prey 2:40
2. Michelino 3:48
3. Adrian of Arabia 5:21
4. Glass Case of Emotion 3:08
5. Mo' Minor Blues - Part One 3:57
6. Kind of Blue Note 5:40
7. I'll Make It 5:10
8. Bonnie and Stella 5:22
9. Wednesday Afternoon 4:07
10. Mo' Minor Blues - Part Two 3:47
11. Jazz Noir - Episode One 6:49
12. May 2:02

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Erscheinungsdatum 16. Dezember 2007
Label Moped Records
Copyright (c) 2005 Moped Records
Gesamtlänge 51:51
Genres Jazz, R&B, Soul


Bass-Album Funk Fusion Jason Raso Jazz


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