von Andy Gilmour


A mini-album/maxi-single/small collection of assorted bass noises, concerning phone calls, absences and small children using the furniture as a trampoline.

Available to download now (comes with videos, sleeve notes & artwork - how can you resist?) in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire - for as much as you decide to pay for it. From nothing at all, up to sums that would cover the national debt of a medium-sized European country.

Something in-between would probably be for the best, but please feel free to download it & subject it to a thorough test-drive before you make your mind up.


Nr. Titel Länge
1. after you left... 02:27
2. footle 02:08
3. ever-decreasing ellipses 08:05
4. a previous conversation 04:06
5. oscillogrammatical 03:20
6. distant lights 07:30
7. solitarium (free) 02:02

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Erscheinungsdatum 15. Dezember 2010


Andy Gilmour Bass-Album Solo Bass


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