Brighter Days Ahead

von Archie Ajay Jackson

Brighter Days Ahead

Smooth, funky jazz with a message. Ajay does it again with those funky bass guitar licks. You're sure to find a track you'll love. This Album was produced with God on my mind as always, every song gives a brief description of my emotions. I thank God for all he has done and going to do I have had alot of growth and I enjoy writing songs tp God it brings me peace... Ajay

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Nr. Titel Länge
1. Spirit(intro) 1:32
2. Brighter Days Ahead 4:08
3. Emotional 4:12
4. Peace of Mind 4:32
5. Thank You 4:03
6. Heart Soul Strength 4:01
7. Amazing 4:39
8. Praise On 4:03
9. Can't Live Without You 4:02
10. Virtuous Lady 4:03
11. Love Thy Neighbor 4:01

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Erscheinungsdatum 9. Juni 2011
Label Jaybass Productions
Copyright (c) 2011 Archie Ajay Jackson
Gesamtlänge 43:16
Genres Jazz, Moderne christliche Musik & Gospel


Archie Ajay Jackson Bass-Album Smooth Jazz


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