von Russ Sargeant


Eight pieces written when I was going through a particularly painful time of my life. This is music about loss, identity, direction, love, grace and discovery. Each one recorded in a single take as a flow of pure emotion. Live looped solo electric and upright basses and effects.

released 27 March 2010 Russ Sargeant - Basses


Nr. Titel Länge
1. Internalize 06:33
2. The Sea 06:26
3. Northern Horizon 07:38
4. Air 05:10
5. Glimmer 06:42
6. The Grace Of Another 05:16
7. Hope 05:34
8. Sunrise Sunset 07:35

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Erscheinungsdatum 27. März 2010


Bass-Album Russ Sargeant Solo Bass


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